Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Countdown T Minus Ten Seconds...

Tomorrow I will be launching the Wordpress version of this blog and will no longer be updating this blogspot blog. I will be giving up a few things by switching to Wordpress. First, I'll be losing the ability to embed videos, until I decide to pay for that service with Wordpress. I'm working on a way around this right now. Second, I'll be giving up something that is very precious to me. Google Analytics. As a new blogger, going to Google Analytics and looking at my statistics everyday is like opening a new Christmas present each morning. I love to know what is going on in my blog. Who's visiting, from where, how did they get there, what did they do when they got there. It's feedback that keeps it exciting. I will still get some stats, but unless I buy another upgrade, I won't be able to use the analytics like I'm used to.

So, I ask a few things from you my readers in return. The Wordpress blog has a few new features that I'm really excited about. First, after you read a post, you will be able to rate it. There are five stars at the bottom, simply click on the number of stars you give that post and you're done! By rating the post you are telling me what you like to hear and what you don't like and I can give you more of what you want! So you're honest opinion is appreciated. I have set up the sidebar to reflect the posts that are rated highest by all of the readers who stop by. Second, after you rate it, please leave a comment,in addition to showing the most liked posts, the sidebar will display the most recent comments, too. Comments mean a lot to a blogger, who otherwise feels like he is talking to no one and his words are flying endlessly into outer space. A comment is like my words made contact with something (someone), and echo back to me. I know they have been heard. And I get to hear what you think about what I am going through!

So that's it, rate the posts and comment and I'll be happy. I will continue to give you the very best that I can as I journal about life as a husband and dad from a Christian perspective.

Also, I think that I will be able to automatically switch the origin of the feed for RSS subscribers and email subscriptions so you shouldn't have to do anything there. But it will be an experiment for us, so if it doesn't work out, please don't hate me!